The SKS keyserver network

The SKS synchronising keyserver network is made up of a variety of keyservers run by the open source community. They synchronise OpenPGP public key updates using the SKS large-dataset reconciliation protocol.

The links below provide information about the SKS synchronising keyserver network. Synchronising keyservers typically use the newer hockeypuck or older sks-keyserver software packages.

Other non-synchronising keyservers are also available, e.g. These are beyond the scope of this service.

The SKS Peer List

The SKS Peer List tracks software versions, IP addresses and jurisdictions. Only keyservers that currently synchronise (directly or indirectly) with the keyserver are included.

GitHub project: pgpkeys-eu/sks_spider

The SKS Network Graph

The SKS Network Graph tracks reliability and connectivity issues. It includes servers that are temporarily disconnected from synchronisation.

GitHub project: pgpkeys-eu/walk_sks

Reporting Problems

These lists are operated as a service to the community. Any questions about the spider software should be directed to the appropriate GitHub project.

Queries about the operation of the keyservers themselves should be directed to the individual keyserver operators.

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